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80 Proof Digital helps business of all sizes succeed online. So what do we do? Simply put, we drive traffic to your site. Utilizing a mix of SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing we’re able to deliver impressive results and maximize your digital marketing budget’s impact. We’ve had experience working with some of the biggest global brands and are able to deliver exceptional results for all. We’re also small business friendly and have solutions catered towards maximizing results while minimizing spend.

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All of our campaigns are custom built for our clients. We begin with a thorough analysis of your current presence. We devise a strategic plan based on the analysis and begin execution. Once we execute the campaign we continually measure the results and optimize accordingly. Throughout or process we keep you in the loop and update you on the progress of the campaign.


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31 Must-Follow Content Marketers In 2016

Amy Porterfield from amyporterfield.com Bio: Amy is a social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She helps entrepreneurs across industries establish strategies to maximize the power of social media and increase the success of their online marketing efforts. @amyporterfield Strengths: Amy is a master blogger, branding expert, and social media strategist. If you’re looking for help with your Pinterest marketing, or Facebook (she has over 150k likes), you need to check out her blog. Must-Read Article: Blogging for SEO: How to Write Blog Posts That Rank Well Scott Cohen from scottwriteseverything.com Bio: I’ve written copy for just about every medium: TV, radio, long-form video, print, direct mail, email, and web. By day, I work for Inbox Group, an email marketing agency where I help to both market the agency itself, write and produce content, and work with clients to build and improve their email marketing programs. By night, I’m a father, a husband, a reader, a sports fanatic, and a budding strength training nut. @scottcohen13 Strengths: Scott is a professional email marketer. He’s the vice president of marketing for inboxgroup.com and if you need help on your email marketing campaign, you ought to check out his blog. Must-Read Article: Three Words for 2014 Yaro Starak from entrepreneurs-journey.com Bio: Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint and founder of the Entrepreneurs-Journey.com blog. He began blogging over ten years ago initially as a hobby, however as his income from blogging surpassed $10,000 a month, he decided his future lay in this new publishing medium. @yarostarak Strengths: Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Selling Digital Products, Blogging, Startups...

47 Experience-Backed Social Media Tips From Experts

We went searching for the top social media tips from experts, via over 40 case studies that were put out about social media platforms such as: Quora Triberr Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Youtube Here’s what we found. Quora Start A Blog On Quora Did you know you can start a blog on Quora? Starting a blog on Quora is one way to develop social engagement with other Quora users/members, which is the key to thriving in the community. You can have your content seen and discussed here in order to build traffic to your website. Be careful though, your content must be relevant and must not be focused on advertising your blog or website, or the mods will take you down! — fatbit.com Get Involved In The Quora Community Engagement on Quora is key to building up your profile, as is the case for any community. Do not shy from upvoting any valuable comment and query. This activity shows that you are appreciating other users’ content too, not just your own. Keep adding answers to topics that are being followed by large number of users. It shows the popularity of query, and then will get you additional exposure and views because the topic is heavily trafficked. — opposableplanets.com Plan Your Actions When Posting Questions or Answers (Quora) Did you want to get 100 new subscribers on making use of social media websites such as Quora? How do you propose you should do it? It is important to always come up with a plan, without a plan you are just executing, but not strategically. Target the most viewed...

76 Of The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Articles

Top 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Articles The Psychology of Color: How to Use Colors to Increase Conversion Rate – Colors can influence everyone. Find out how the psychology of colors can help boost your conversion rate. Now, I find this one really interesting and insightful as well. I mean, if you look around you, you’ll see that this is already playing a vital role in our daily lives when it comes to consumer marketing. Say for example, look at several fast-food brands out there and see if they have anything in common in terms of the color on their logo. You see what I mean? The psychology of colors had been around for quite some time already and applying this to further boost CRO is sure to be beneficial. How To Boost Conversions by 529% in 45-Minutes (Two Step-By-Step Case Studies) – Two step-by-step case studies on how to boost conversions faster plus a personal experience on the process told by the author, Brian Dean. When I ran into this article, I thought, “Wow! Really??” And so I read and found out that it is possible using the methods that Brian is showcasing on this post. Not only did he share a personal experience, he also shared 2 case studies (step-by-step, mind you) in regards to proving that these easy steps can lead to such boost in conversion. Overall, I find this article a must-read for all of you out there who wants to do more in terms of conversion rate optimization. Top 15 Conversion Rate Optimization Thought Leaders to Follow – Here’s the list of the top 15...