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Every quarter we aim to participate in a goodwill initiative for the betterment of communities, generating awareness for a cause, or any other initiative that can help give back. This quarter, our aim is to help 5 charitable/non-profit organizations generate more traffic to their website through a donation of our services.

Charitable organizations will be guided through an application process to apply for the Google Ad Grants program. Google Ad Grants is the nonprofit edition of AdWords, Google’s online advertising tool. Google Ad Grants empower nonprofit organizations, through providing $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords™ advertising to promote their missions and initiatives on Google search result pages. Enrollment in the program is completely free and 80 Proof Digital will help charitable organizations navigate through this process.

Once the enrollment is complete and the charitable/non-profit organization is ready to begin using their $10,000 per month in-kind Adwords advertising, 80 Proof Digital will further help to setup the Google Adwords campaign. Normally, the cost associated with the creation of an Adwords campaign for an organization is upwards of $2,000. In this case, this fee will be completely waived as part of 80 Proof Digital’s goodwill initiative.


  • Organization must hold current and valid charity or non for profit status
  • Have functioning website

Organizations Not Eligible for the Google Ad Grants Program

– Governmental entities and organizations
– Hospitals and medical groups
– Schools, childcare centers, academic institutions and universities.


– Up to $10,000/month of free advertising on Google
– Have campaign setup by Pay Per Click advertising experts (Valued at $2,000)


At the beginning of each quarter we take on 5 new Canadian Non-Profits. If more than 5 Non-Profits contact us for help they will simply be put in priority sequence and we will work with them in future quarters. 

To apply please simply email us at info@80proofdigital.com and let us know that you’d like to be part of the program and we’ll inform you of the next steps.

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